5 Podcast Picks From the Newsroom

The following is a collection of podcast favorites from The Equinox staff members to listen to during the spring break.

The Bellas Podcast 

Nancy Sanchez-Diaz

“The Bellas Podcast” is about breaking barriers and empowering women. Twins Nikki and Brie Bella are former wrestlers-turned-reality TV stars and entrepreneurs with their own fashion, beauty and wine lines. They’ve dedicated their platform to sharing advice and shedding light on important topics like body dysmorphia and motherhood. New episodes drop every Wednesday on Apple Podcast and Spotify. 

The Weekly Planet Podcast

Sheldon Gomes

“The Weekly Planet” podcast, hosted by Nick Mason and James Clement, covers all content and news related to movies, TV shows and comic books. They also do creative movie reviews incorporating a variety of segments that are sure to entertain listeners. The podcast episodes are available for free on YouTube, which makes this upcoming spring break the perfect opportunity to binge on the awesome movie content that the podcast offers. 

Off The Beat with Brian Baumgartner

John Mineses

“Off the Beat with Brian Baumgartner” is a spin-off of Brian Baumgartner’s “The Office Deep Dive” podcast where he features stars from “The Office” to talk about their favorite behind-the-scenes moments and their journeys as actors in the industry before making it to their career-defining roles. Other guests from “The Office” include showrunners, directors and writers, adding to the plethora of information the podcast offers about working in the television and film industries. The newest iteration of the show now invites guests from other shows and films, providing more insight on what it’s like to work in entertainment.

Girls Gotta Eat

Elizabeth Scalzo

This long-running podcast with Ashley Hesseltine and Rayana Greenberg talks about everything women struggle with. From body image, to mental health, to topics like abortion—it’s all there. “Girls Gotta Eat” also often has guest experts to enhance the conversation on these crucial topics. This podcast is a fun way to get answers to any questions you may have as a woman and how to navigate through life, especially dating and relationships. The podcast is meant to unite and empower women everywhere with their love lives and teach them some valuable skills along the way. Having a podcast by women focusing on women is something that is continuing to grow and that’s because we have similar questions that need answers. Like how do you know if he’s a narcissist? Or how do you deal with your man who isn’t your man? “Girls Gotta Eat” has been running since 2018 and typically releases new episodes weekly. 

The Magnus Archives

Aurora Rifkind

“The Magnus Archives” is a long-running horror anthology podcast produced by Rusty Quill. It follows the weird and wacky occurrences happening in this fictional world, investigated by the Magnus Institute. The podcast follows a new archivist at the institute, Jonathan Sims, and his journey to update long neglected files of the supernatural kind. But he quickly finds out that there is much more to the story than some dusty tapes. “The Magnus Archives” has been running since 2016 and still comes out with new episodes every Thursday. It is truly the podcast for those who enjoy the weird and hair-raising kind of horror.

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