Welcome Back, Avril: ‘Love Sux’ Brings Nostalgia of Early 2000s 

By Gabriella Silva 

Staff Writer 

Avril Lavigne’s newest album, “Love Sux,” proved she hasn’t lost her title as the “Queen of Pop-Punk.” 

The album debuted at no. 9 on the Billboard 200 the week of March 12. 

In 2021, we saw the resurgence of the mainstream pop-punk genre, with many Gen-Z artists taking charge of the revivals. However, on Friday Feb. 25, the 37-year-old Canadian singer-songwriter returned to her roots 20 years later to show the new kids how it’s done. 

With themes of love and heartbreak, the album features 12 songs that take fans along a 34-minute ride of teen angst and nostalgia.

High energy and adrenaline immediately hits with the opening track, “Cannonball,” which is very reminiscent of Lavigne’s early days. Followed by “Bois Lie,” featuring Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper turned rockstar has also been credited in the pop-punk revival. Two other collaborations on the album feature Blackbear on “Love It When You Hate Me,” who gives an emo rap verse, and Blink-182’s Mark Hoppus on “All I Wanted,” who accompanies Lavigne in an upbeat duet with his fresh vocals. 

“Bite Me,” “Love Sux,” “Kiss Me Like The World Is Ending,” “Déjà Vu” and “F.U” all embrace the classic pop-punk sound, while songs like “Avalanche” and “Dare To Love Me” take on the ballad route. “Break of a Heartache” is the final track, ending the album with the same heart-racing energy that it started with.  

Since her debut in 2002, Lavigne has been a prominent figure in the alt-rock scene. With songs like “Skater-Boi,” “Girlfriend” and “Head Above Water,” she has experimented with a multitude of sounds throughout her career. Now on her seventh album, “Love Sux” is a celebration of the songs that made her the artist she is today.

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“Love Sux” takes fans on a rollercoaster of teen angst and nostalgia.

Art by Amaya Morales