Part 4: It Takes a Vision to Restructure, Rethink Metro Comm

By Elizabeth Scalzo and Jen Malti  Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Sports Editor  Fairleigh Dickinson University is working through a broad restructuring that was announced in 2018. That ongoing change, the pause in freshman admission for the Metropolitan Campus communication program, announced in February, and the challenges of COVID-19 have […]

Barbara Allen Interview Transcript

00:45 we both signed up to take um advanced 00:48 news reporting this semester 00:50 and the class actually got cancelled 00:52 because there weren’t enough people 00:54 signed up to do it but the professor who 00:56 was teaching it is actually also our 00:58 advisor for […]

Alexander Rosen Transcript

00:59 this is alex hey it’s jen 01:03 how’s it going good it’s going okay um 01:06 sorry to hear that you’re stuck in 01:07 traffic i 01:08 am currently on zoom with my peer 01:09 elizabeth scalzo 01:11 um when we wanted you to talk with us […]

Ray Schroeder Interview Transcript

and let me give you uh um just a few 00:02 anecdotes from 00:04 you know i started teaching in 1971 and 00:07 you two weren’t very old in 71 were you 00:10 so but i i was at the urbana campus of 00:14 the university of illinois […]