Greek God & Goddess

By Mahamadou Sumareh

Staff Writer

FDU’s fraternities and sororities came together to choose this year’s Greek God and Goddess, an awards show to highlight the many organizations within FDU’s Greek life and certain members in those organizations.

The event was hosted in the Knight Club at the SUB, and had an amazing turnout to support the Greeks presenting. 

Many fellow Greeks popped out to cheer on their brothers and sisters.

“I’m excited and I want my sister to win,” said Adrianna Deremer, a junior Biochemistry major, and sister of Alpha Sigma Tau.

The crowned God and Goddess of the night were Jonathan Aboky-Djanty, a senior electrical engineering senior representing Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and Nevenka Vallejo, a senior Biology major representing Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority.

This event wasn’t just an award show to the Greeks, but a tradition.

 “[It] helps us learn about each other’s culture,” said Lorenzo Martinez, a graduate Computer Science major and brother of Lambda Sigma Upsilon Latin Fraternity, Inc. “These organizations were founded off of diversity and traditions, and events like this allows us to learn about and appreciate each other’s beauty and what we have in common. We’re out here making a difference and being a part of something bigger.”

This event’s atmosphere truly encompassed the vibe and beauty that Greek life entails.

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The Greek FDU Community all came together to support their shining members.

Photo by The Equinox Staff