The Knights Proved Their Spot in the Final Four Championship

By Kayoneil Wilson

Student Lifestyle Editor 

The Knights bowling team entered their final tournament at the NCAA National Collegiate Women’s Bowling Championship on Friday, April 14. 

Winning three tournaments in a row during the NCAA championships granted the Knights bowling team an opportunity to earn their spot in the Final Four.

After fighting to make it to the Final Four, the Knights’ season comes to a close after losing to McKendree and Vanderbilt.

They competed against Vanderbilt and McKendree at the Wayne Webbs Columbus Bowl in Columbus, Ohio. 

The Knights went 0-2 in the double-elimination, staggered 2-1 to Vanderbilt and 2-0 to Mckendree.  

The competition between FDU and Vanderbilt allowed them to move forward into the best of seven Baker match play. 

Some notable players include Junior Cameron Spring, who earned a strike, following graduate student Aimee Sherman who knocked down key pins and redshirt sophomore Julianna Spina, who supported the team with a nine-ball and ended off the single-pin spare. Graduate student Jenna Henderson, First Team All-NEC bowler, facilitated the Knights with consecutive fills along with Honorable Mention All-American fifth-year Amanda Chrzanowski.

Spina helped gain ten pins of the Commodores for the Knights in the opening format which finished at an even 957 after the 10th frame, allowing for a Baker tiebreaker between both teams resulting in a win by the Vanderbilt, 107-87.

During the best of three Mega Match, the Knights achieved 184-170, which brought senior Lanasia Meal into the lineup. The team also gained a 23-pin edge, resulting in a 1,035-911 victory after three games. Spring was also able to obtain eight strikes which allowed FDU to even the match at one point all. 

In the final Baker match, FDU needed another tiebreaker resulting in their second of the day, 137-84, which led them into the contender’s bracket with a match against McKendree. Later, the Knights grappled to gain an upper hand against the Bearcats, falling 2-0. However, Chrzanowski achieved the spot light in the individual standing as she tried to FDU in the match. 

The Knights will look to make a comeback next season as they hope to reach the NCAA Tournament once again. 

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It was a great season for the FDU Bowling team.

Art by Kayoneil Wilson