Fashion Corps, BMA, and Barkada take home SGA Week Prizes

By John Mineses

News Editor

FDU’s Student Government Association held its annual SGA week to get classmates involved in the student community and enticing organizations with a grand prize of $200.

SGA Week kicked off with a series of themed challenges on each weekday. Students had to take a picture of themselves doing each challenge and post it to Instagram tagging their org and SGA’s account to earn points.

SGA offered prizes for the top three organizations to earn the most points. Third place received a prize $50, second place received $100 and the first place organization would win a grand prize of $200 for their org.

If one was walking around campus the week of Nov. 29th to Dec. 3rd, they would have seen students dressed in business attire for Power Monday, and scavenging for pictures with athletes and SGA members. One could have also seen students representing their class in Colour War Day and at the various events throughout the week, where SGA offered points for attendance.

Barkada, FDU’s Filipino club, gained many points to take the third place prize while the Black Men’s Alliance placed second for their prize.

In the end, it was Fashion Corps who edged out the competition to win the $200 grand prize for their organization. 

The 2021 SGA week seemed to be a great success and students may be looking forward to next year’s SGA week to go for the grand prize again. 

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SGA gifted three prizes to the top participating organizations throughout the week.

Art by John Mineses