Police Incident Crosses onto Metro Campus on Last Day of Semester

By John Mineses

News Editor

The FDU community was put on high alert this afternoon because of an altercation with weapons on the Metropolitan campus.

Alerts were sent using text message, phone calls and emails from the FDU Emergency Notification system. 

Students and faculty sheltered in buildings and locked all doors in an attempt to keep safe from the possible threat.

Robert Pignatello, senior vice president for University Operations, sent out an email update regarding the incident later in the day.

It was revealed after everything was cleared that two suspects— not associated with FDU— had an altercation which led to a chase that ended up on the Metro Campus. 

FDU was notified by Teaneck Police of the situation and was advised to shelter and lockdown after it occurred. It was revealed that weapons were involved; a BB gun and machete were both recovered by the Teaneck Police.

“After further thoroughly searching the area, police concluded the individuals were no longer on campus and informed us that the area was clear and we sent out an alert to this effect,” said Pignatello via email.

Pignatello emphasized how the incident was not a targeted attack on the University and did not involve any member of the FDU community. He then thanked everyone for their cooperation and caution in this situation.

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FDU community kept safe from the possible threat after emergency alert

Art by John Mineses