Welcoming the Class of 2023 on Admitted Students Day


L Jayde, R Sierra.jpgFrom left to right: Jayde Boyd, Sierra DeAngelo

Sierra DeAngelo, Biology Major
I chose FDU because I am playing basketball and I enjoy the team. I stayed a couple of nights with the team and I toured the school, and I just fell in love with it. I am looking forward to the season and playing with the team. I’m also looking forward to taking Biology classes and other courses.




Kyle Greulich, Communication Major
I chose FDU because I just thought it was a good fit. I checked out the other campus in Florham, but this one had more of the departments that I wanted with Communications and Sports Media. It’s also pretty close to home and I wanted to stay local. I am definitely looking forward to getting involved with some of the sports media, especially with the basketball team. It was pretty fun watching them in the tournament this year.




Ryan Widmeier, Criminal Justice Major

I chose FDU because it’s not far from home and I thought it was a really small school. I like small schools. Also, I am coming here to play baseball. I’m looking forward to making new friends, having fun, and winning baseball games.



Bethany copy.jpg

Bethany Hinojosa, Forensic Psychology Major
I chose FDU because I know someone that already goes here and she recommended it. Also, this school is known for forensic psychology. I am looking forward to learning more about forensic psychology here at FDU.




Paul Vittoriosa, Criminal Justice Major
I chose FDU because I liked the campus. You’re not just a statistic here. I look forward to meeting new people and doing new things.




Carlos Cusco, Criminal Justice Major
I chose FDU because it shows me a lot of opportunities to grow, not just in the school but within the community as well. It shows a lot of internships and volunteer programs, so I really want to get into it. I am wanting to get involved in SGA, I hear that it’s very beneficial.