Congrats Grads!


L Kevin Giraldo, Marc Morales, R Ankoma Mitchell.JPGFrom left to right: Kevin Giraldo, Marc Morales, Ankoma Mitchell

Ankoma Mitchell
After graduation I will look for a full time job to be able to support myself and my family. I am going to miss my friends, and the fact that I can wake up and my friend is like two feet away from me or next door to me.



Brianna Wedding.JPG

Brianna Wedding
I’ll be coming back here in the fall for a Master’s degree in forensic psychology. But once I complete my Master’s, I plan to go home and find a job. I am definitely going to miss the people, the faculty, staff, students and my residents. I am definitely going to miss all the friends I’ve made.



Kimberly Weaver.JPG

Kimberley Weaver
My plans for after graduation are to find a full time job in my teaching field, which is high school english. I’m really excited for whatever comes next. I am going to miss living with all of my friends and a community of people right at my disposal. There’s nothing quite like college where all of your friends live in the same place as you.



Lisbeth Taveras.JPG

Lisbeth Taveras
I’m doing an internship now to see if I can get a job in the Paterson district. Also, I’ve been applying so we’ll see if I get to work in a District soon. I am going to miss the people, the friends you make and see them everyday.



L Carly Edelman, Moufatih Muhammad, Lauren Barrett, R Ryan Modica.JPGFrom left to right: Carly Edelman, Moufatih Muhammad, Lauren Barrett, Ryan Modica

Moufatih Muhammad
After graduation I want to continue down the radio path so I’ll probably work out of a radio station for about a year. In hopes to come back to do my Master’s degree. I am definitely gonna miss the community vibe, especially at the radio station. We’re all just like a big happy family.


Lauren Barrett
After graduation, I am going to be looking for graduate programs at certain companies, or I’m going to be looking into externships, which is basically an internship but outside of college. But my ultimate goal is to work for the WWE. I am gonna miss my professors and my advisors, and I am definitely gonna miss all the friends I made. Especially everyone at WFDU.