Look Into Their Eyes: When Hypnosis Came to Campus

By Kayra Ramirez

Advertising Manager

Nearly 80 people lined up at the Office of Student Life on Sept. 20 to either volunteer or watch their friends get hypnotized at the Knight Club for a hypnosis show.

Magician Mark Zacharia has visited FDU for many years to showcase his hypnotic skills, and he remains a student favorite. 

First, 10 people are selected to get up on stage to get hypnotized. Once seated, Zacharia asks the audience to be quiet for about 5 minutes so the volunteers can be hypnotized into a deep sleep. In order for the volunteers to awaken, they must look at the Rockstar logo in the back of the Knight Club room. 

As the hypnosis volunteers entered deep sleep, some jokesters  were noisy and interrupted. Foiled! The hypnosis-volunteers never heard a thing.

Hypnosis meant volunteers rested their heads on each other’s shoulders, imagined their favorite ice cream flavor and “pretended” to lick it, felt hot or cold, laughed out loud, and even forgot names and numbers. 

As Zacharia got the hypnotized volunteers doing funny things while in their altered state, the crowd laughed and enjoyed every category. 

The hypnosis show came out with a bang. Or did it … ? 

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