FD-WHO: Meet Nurse Carol and Her Healing Touch

By Kayoneil Wilson

Student Lifestyle Editor 

Nurse Carol Brown-Taylor has enjoyed serving the FDU community for 12 years and has been an ambassador throughout one of the most challenging times that our community faced. 

She has had an extensive journey that started in a hospital, transitioned to a nursing home, an elementary school and eventually landed an opportunity as our very own nurse practitioner at FDU.

Brown-Taylor started what led to a fruitful career, attending Long Island College Hospital for her associate’s degree in nursing and completed her bachelor’s at Wagner College. She went on to obtain her master’s degree in science at New Jersey City University and received her nurse practitioner license at FDU.

Before working for FDU, she was a grade school nurse, which developed her passion and genuine care for helping and providing healthcare support for people, namely students of all ages. She continued her journey by accepting a job to work at Student Health Services on campus.

“I finally got a job that I love,” said Nurse Carol about choosing to work for FDU in an interview with The Equinox. 

The most rewarding part about her job is the great partnerships and bonds she forms with the students, which develops and allows them to trust her.  No one could have imagined that a pandemic would change the dynamic of best ways to support student needs. 

Yet, it changed everything, including regulations, testing and quarantine. Nurse Carol says she made it a priority to call students who tested positive for COVID-19 to make sure they were OK, even off the clock and on weekends. The FDU healthcare team of nurses and staff rose to the occasion and took on the challenge. 

“With my wonderful director and staff, we were able to get through [the challenges of the pandemic],” said Nurse Carol.

In addition to being a nurse, she also occasionally teaches the freshmen university courses “Transitioning to University Life” and “Prep for Professional Life.” She advises her students in her prep class that “networking is key.” Getting out and being involved on campus is a great way to meet new people and build partnerships that will be crucial to the time spent in college and beyond.

Making a mark for herself and her career, Nurse Carol continues to practice what she preaches, growing and evolving every day. 

Visit Nurse Carol in Student Health Services at the Student Union Building. She is always welcoming. 

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FDU’s Nurse Carol serves the community with her positive energy and caring personality.

Art by Kayoneil Wilson