Student at Florham Tests Positive for COVID-19

By Anthony Covino

Sports Editor

An FDU Florham student has tested positive for COVID-19, the university said Wednesday in an email.  

“The student is no longer in the residence hall and is currently in isolation,” FDU said via email. This is the second person to test positive this semester following a confirmed case of COVID-19 “among our faculty and staff during the first week of the semester in August,” FDU said.

The positive test triggers university testing and tracing protocols developed this summer to meet federal and state regulations.

“Any individual known to have been in direct contact with this student has been contacted by Student Health Services and has been instructed to quarantine per CDC guidelines,” FDU said. 

This positive COVID-19 case came one day after limited in-person classes began on FDU New Jersey campuses. 

The surveillance testing of resident students began last week and has yielded 68 negative results so far, with additional test results pending, FDU said.

In April, as the pandemic was pummeling New Jersey, a Metro Public Safety officer tested positive for the virus, considered the first on-campus case.  

The story was first reported by The Pillar, Florham’s campus newspaper.

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View of FDU’s Florham campus. Photo via Wikipedia Commons