EDITOR’S NEWSLETTER: Filling in Details on Fall Campus Life

By Elizabeth Scalzo


Week 7 kept The Equinox busier than usual with President Christopher Capuano’s announcement regarding the fall 2020 semester and big news in our country regarding the future of international students.

Before receiving Capuano’s update, I wrote an article about Rutgers University reopening plans, and staff writer Sonal Tulsyani wrote a story focusing on the CDC guidelines for reopening college campuses.

This is a difficult time for universities all over the country to navigate. They have to establish a new normal to keep their communities safe. Some universities plan for crises of the natural disaster like hurricanes and earthquakes. However, planning to return to campus during a global pandemic is far past normal protocols. The Equinox would like to salute all of the hard work universities are putting in to keep their communities safe this fall.

As summer winds down, The Equinox must continue reporting and learning through our amazing internship experience. 

With Capuano’s announcement and being unsure when we will put out our next print edition, my heart grew heavy. I spent more time in the newsroom than my dorm room last year. It’s our home and we will hopefully return soon — when it is deemed safe. 

Our staff knew that the fall semester would look different, especially for student programming. Metro Campus Executive Steve Nelson shed light on what student life will look like in the fall in our special edition roundtable. This special edition was hosted by student lifestyle editor Kenny Lo and news editor Jhoana Merino-Martinez and focused on what students can expect from the fall semester. Special guests were Inter-Greek Council President Juan-Lorenzo Martinez and Barkada President Kalyssa Nufable. 

Near the end of our week, the Northeast Conference made an announcement delaying fall sports to Sept. 10. With sports delayed and no knowledge of when students will be allowed to sit in the bleachers to cheer on our teams again, the FDU community will need to find other ways to come together and show our school spirit.

Looking ahead to academics, managing editor Amaya Morales covered the fall calendar and no pass/fail option along with financial aid for the fall 2020 semester.

The Equinox is also currently looking for new people to join our advertising team and for graphic designers. If you are interested please email us at equinoxfdu@gmail.com.

We will have more information regarding other members of our team to join for the ‘20-’21 school year at the beginning of August.

As our final weeks of summer progress, we must plan to continue producing our journalism online if necessary through the fall semester and also make plans for returning to our beloved newsroom when safe. 

During Week 8, I have the opportunity to record a special edition roundtable with FDU’s President Christopher Capuano. We will talk about many aspects of college life when returning to campus. This roundtable will drop Thursday, July 16.

This week our team will learn to create and interpret polls during our workshop. As always, we will continue to write and report to serve our community.

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Photo by Elizabeth Scalzo.

The Equinox newsroom in 2019 (above) probably won’t look like this during fall 2020.