Pros and Cons of a Trump America

By Ray White
Staff Writer

It is no secret that the 2016 presidential election will go down in American history as one of the most controversial and volatile elections this country has seen.

When it comes to conversation about President Donald John Trump, there are opinions on both sides of the spectrum. The cons are mainstream but some would be surprised that there are also some pros.

First, Trump’s background gives insight to his experience as a successful entrepreneur and businessman. Trump has businesses ranging from hotels, casinos, golf courses, Trump Model Management (a modeling agency he founded), Trump Productions (which produced the hit show The Celebrity Apprentice), Trump Ice (his bottled water brand), and what he is most known for, being a real estate mogul, according to Investopedia.

Trump could possibly utilize this knowledge to create trade and manufacturing deals that could result in positive economic growth, the likes of which other politicians might be incapable of. If America were to thrive in producing and manufacturing more products this would greatly benefit the country.

There is no evidence to support or deny that Trump’s actions as president will equate to a more lucrative America, but what makes him uniquely beneficial as a president is that he specializes in business before politics.

In addition to Trump’s knowledge in business there is his “America First” mentality which he preached about passionately during his Inauguration. That mentality accompanied with his ambitions of creating more jobs in the United States could possibly benefit people that other presidents before him have yet to acknowledge.

Focusing directly on issues such as national security, job creation, and infrastructure could possibly make America safer, allow American citizens to whittle down their debt and even build up impoverished areas of the country that have been neglected. Being that the United States is a global superpower, an “America First” approach depreciates the values of global partnerships, yet allows the country to focus on homeland security and policy.

For every one pro of a Trump America there are two cons. A lot of those cons are due to Trump’s demeanor, attitude and character which does not sit well with many people around the world, especially if you are a person who enjoyed former President Barack Obama’s hopeful and overall likable demeanor.

There is fear that the way Trump reacts to those who oppose and criticize him could seep into foreign affairs, creating broken bonds with countries that America has long since done business and even have a great relationship with.

A president that has been called racist, misogynist, sexist, has been accused of bigotry, and has more scandals surrounding him than America has nuclear warheads, naturally raises concerns to the general populace; especially now that Trump is the face of America, and must uphold American values for all the world to see.

His unpredictable nature, unfiltered outbursts and overall goal to “Make America Great Again” (whatever that really means), could actually stunt and even repeal accomplishments made over the last decade. Environmental protection, investments in alternative fuels, business regulation, civil rights, universal healthcare and women’s rights are all things that can and might be put on the backburner in order to “Make America Great Again.”

I guarantee there are not enough characters in this man’s Twitter account that can justify that.

Due to the new president’s “unique” style of leadership, some Americans feel as if their rights will be taken from them during these next four years, if not ignored by a president who seems to have a track mind on reversing actions done from a previous presidency.

America is one of the most powerful countries in the world, but is also one of the youngest as well. Yet even though we have made amazing strides and accomplishments throughout the 241 years we have been established, we are still evolving.

We are continually getting better, learning from the mistakes of our past and changing accordingly in order to make sure that the U.S. of America remains an embodiment of our Constitution.