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Radio Resurgence at WFDU

By DUSTIN NILES Layout & Design Editor Walking through the front door of WFDU is stepping into a time machine. There might be someone outside the door smoking a cigarette, a sign of the pre- millennial times ahead. On a cold November day, the inside of University Court […]

Consultant with an Agenda

By THERESA KING & ELIZABETH WHITE Executive Editors (TEANECK) – Despite hopes for a November announcement of a reorganization plan, the provost’s advisory committee has yet to agree on one. Enter ACTA. President Chris Capuano and Provost Gillian Small told a Town Hall audience of more than 100 […]

The Budget Crunch That Wasn’t

By ELIZABETH WHITE Managing Editor (TEANECK) – On Tuesday, there was a budget crunch. By Wednesday, it was gone. On Tuesday, The Equinox spoke to Dr. Gillian Small, university provost and senior vice president for Academic Affairs, looking for an explanation for proposed spending cuts. “I think most […]

Cyber Monday: A Better Choice

By GALINA BELLO Staff Writer Thanksgiving is no longer a holiday that stands by itself. Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season celebrated by consumers and retailers, a day dedicated to massive sales and discounts called Black Friday. However, since 2005, Black Friday has been challenged […]

A Breakdown of the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

By ELIZABETH WHITE Managing Editor Disgraced movie executive Harvey Weinstein has not left the news since allegations about him surfaced last month, and neither have the echoes that reverberated throughout Hollywood. Women across the entertainment industry spoke up and accused Weinstein of sexual harassment throughout the years. Having […]