CDC Works to Combat Zika

By Melanie Perez (TEANECK) – The CDC has established an interim response plan regarding cases of the Zika virus in the United States. The plan involves educating and advising the public on how to protect themselves from mosquitos locally and while traveling, tracking and controlling the spread of […]

Genetically-Modified Foods: Tasty, Yet Toxic

By Tyler Williams Food is a basic necessity for all human beings, and can have either a positive or negative effect on the human body – it all depends on the quality of what is being consumed. According to the World Health Organization, genetically-modified foods are foods derived […]

Editor’s Desk – “It’s Alive!”

By Melanie Perez As some of our readers may know, the 2015-16 academic year ended in turmoil and controversy for The Equinox, culminating in the loss of our funding from Student Life.  In our last issue, we reported the end of The Equinox. After a long process of […]

Freshman Survival Guide

By Theresa King It’s finally here, the start of a new school year – A time for new beginnings, new classes and new opportunities. But what may come easy to some, can be extremely intimidating for others – especially for incoming freshmen. As a freshman, it is more […]

Liz Lands In England

By Elizabeth White (WROXTON, ENGLAND) – This semester I am studying abroad at Fairleigh Dickinson’s Wroxton campus, located in Oxfordshire, England about two hours northwest of London. One of the things I look forward to most as a communications major who is also interested in sociology and psychology, […]