Superbowl 51 – What a Comeback

By Dustin Niles Layout & Design Editor The 2016 sports season should be called “The Year of the Comeback.” To start, Denny Hamlin beat Martin Truex Jr. by one millisecond for the closest Daytona 500 finish in history. Then Kris Jenkins hit a basket at the buzzer to […]

Top 10 Books of Your Birth Year

By Emily Wiekl Staff Writer The written word has been around us for ages. From picture books to short stories to novels that had to be read for English class, narratives have been with us along our journey into adulthood. But during the years we were born, what […]

Veteran Revives Club After Two Years

By Armand Butera Entertainment Editor After sitting down with FDU student John Myles for a few minutes, it’s understood that he is the perfect match for heading the Veteran’s Club. After a few years of dormancy, the organization has gained new life with the new president, who just […]