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Friends and Family Weekend Returns Post-COVID

By Angelina Rosado  Staff Writer This past weekend, FDU brought back their annual Family and Friends Weekend after the yearlong pause for most campus events and activities. The weekend-long event took place on Metro’s Commencement Green, where students and their families were able to feel a sense of […]

KNIGHT LIFE: Chilling on Campus Rough

By Aurora Rifkind Graphic Designer Fairleigh Dickinson’s Metropolitan Campus — just a short stone’s throw from the legendary New York City and a main hub for active nightlife. Being so close to the city, one could expect lively nights here, but what is the nightlife truly like? At […]

United Nations – Virtual Tour and Briefing

By Timothy Zubov Staff Writer The FDU Office of Global Learning hosted the virtual United Nations (UN) tour and special briefing with two representatives from the UN on Oct. 6.  The focus for the event was “Women and Political Participation.”  Presentations were led by Jonathan H. Mishal, tour […]