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The Interesting Life of a Commuter

By Jennifer Malti Staff Writer The life of a commuter can be really easy or really difficult. Commuting has its pros and cons. You’re able to go to school and come home rather than living at school. The hardest part of your day is just making sure that […]

Highlighting Impact of African-Americans

By Madison Martinez Staff Writer February is Black History Month and a great opportunity to appreciate all the contributions African-Americans have made in society and culture. Major parts of American culture can be traced back to African-Americans such as, soul music, jazz, and hip-hop. All are unique to […]

The Grammys: A Night of Music and Inspiration

By Patricia Ressell-Deras Staff Writer The 61 Grammys had four main themes for this year’s award show: music (and its importance), diversity, equality and cutting off inspirational acceptance speeches. Camila Cabello opened the 61 Grammy show with her 2017 hit single “Havana,” dedicating it to her grandmother’s childhood […]

Could Netflix Have Unlimited Growth?

By Samantha Hart Staff Writer It’s no secret that Netflix has grown since its inception over two decades ago. The company began as a simple rental company for movies, similar to how Redbox is now. Netflix quickly developed into an online streaming service in 2007. However, what is […]