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Adderall Doesn’t Do It All: Check It Out

By Yaakov Resnik Guest Writer As the semester progresses, workloads will increase and balancing the responsibilities of college, work and family will become a struggle for most of us. The pressure and anxiety may be too much for some. Believing it will improve their performance, many students, not […]

DownLoadable Content: Don’t Lose (Your) Cash

By Madison Martinez Staff Writer Any gamer, or person who is friends with a gamer who likes to rant, has probably heard of the controversial acronym that is DLC, short for Downloadable Content. DLC is additional content for a video game that can be accessed by players who have paid money […]

The Price of Freemium Games

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez Staff Writer Apps like League of Legends and Candy Crush Saga are part of the “freemium game model,” a business approach that is dominating the mobile game market. More astoundingly, in-app purchases make up roughly 70-80 percent of the annual $10 billion iOS revenue, […]

Our Lawncare Is a Cosmetic Climate Poison

By Samantha Hart Lifesyle Editor We all know that feeling when April finally comes around; when the grass is finally covered in green instead of white snow or brown leaves. But that feeling is often followed by an eye roll as well:  The burden of lawn care is […]

Hong Kong and the Price for Freedom

By Cindy (Binh) Nguyen Layout & Design Editor On September 6, masked pro-democracy protesters returned to the streets of Hong Kong. They vandalized several subway stops, set fires and some targeted laser pointers at police officers. Four of the demonstrators were attacked by riot officers using batons and […]