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Moving Out of FDU Dorm in Olympics-Record Time

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief Starting May 14, resident students returned to the FDU metro campus to move out of their dorm rooms in the midst of the pandemic. Students had to apply for 90-minute time slots to move out, and once their day and time were confirmed they […]

Eviction by Email: Another COVID-19 Catastrophe at FDU

By Sonal Tulsyani Staff Writer  After students were asked to not return to Fairleigh Dickinson University and to stay at home if they could, there were still some that remained. Fairleigh Dickinson University allowed athletes, international students and students who could not go home for any reason to […]

White House Purge: Post-Impeachment Acquittal

By Nancy Sanchez-Diaz Staff Writer President Trump was acquitted and now things are back to normal. Well, at least our kind of normal. Ever since the Republican-led Senate acquitted Trump, the president has made it his personal mission to exact revenge on his perceived political enemies, particularly those […]