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Hand Sanitizer Should Be Banned from Campus

By Daniel Clarke, Staff Writer Hand sanitizers infiltrated our society after studies begun showing hand sanitizers as more effective than hand washing back in 2002. They picked up widespread use and even made their way to our own campus. Many hand sanitizers have antibacterial agents—this makes them better than […]

School Work: How Much is Too Much?

By Emily Weikel, Staff Writer The amount of homework students in grade school get, compared to those in succeeding grades is comparing mountains to molehills. With each grade you are expected to do more and be responsible in getting the work you are given done. Homework should serve the […]

Editor’s Desk – An Uncertain Future

Melanie Perez, editor- in-chief Election day was arguably the worst day in American history – the day “America” voted to “make America great again.”  While undoing years of fighting for equality of genders, races and class. I guess America was “great” when we had slavery, segregation, no women’s […]

A Trip to the Spanish Coast

By Elizabeth White, Wroxton Correspondent (WROXTON, ENGLAND) – The long-awaited break halfway through the semester finally arrived, and I went off to Spain with four of my new friends. We opted for a more relaxed vacation, choosing an all inclusive resort in a beach town in southern Spain. One […]