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Living With COVID-19 in the Shadows

By Amaya Morales Managing Editor Since returning to campus, FDU admin have been finding ways to tackle COVID-19 and protect the community. To learn more, The Equinox reached out to Dr. Robert Pignatello, the new senior vice president for university operations, for a Zoom interview. In the meeting, […]

Hurricane Ida Slams FDU

By Amaya Morales Managing Editor The remnants of Hurricane Ida caused FDU students to scramble to safety as New Jersey got hit with high winds and torrential rain late Wednesday night. Rain flooded northern New Jersey, triggering a state of emergency as declared by Gov. Phil Murphy. “Got […]

PART 3: What Does the Future of Communication Look Like?

By Elizabeth Scalzo and Jen Malti Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Sports Editor The communications industry is hurtling forward, driven by the broad adoption of smartphone technology and connected through social media. The changes over the last 10 years have been dramatic globally, and at FDU. In February, the university […]

PART 2: Students Stress as Comm Changes

By Elizabeth Scalzo and Jennifer Malti Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Sports Editor The more-than-a-decade-long decline in enrollment in the FDU communication is leading to a rethinking of the program. That is complicating students’ route to an on-time graduation as a result of more-limited course offerings. Gabriel Watson, a Metro […]