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Brexit Rattles Global Economy

By Elizabeth White (TEANECK) – On June 24, 2016 more than 30 million people in the United Kingdom (UK), which is composed of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, voted to leave the European Union (EU) by a close margin of 52 percent leave and 48 percent stay. […]

CDC Works to Combat Zika

By Melanie Perez (TEANECK) – The CDC has established an interim response plan regarding cases of the Zika virus in the United States. The plan involves educating and advising the public on how to protect themselves from mosquitos locally and while traveling, tracking and controlling the spread of […]

Class Project Becomes Charitable Venture

By Daniel Clarke (TEANECK) – Dr. Alejando Delgado is pursuing his MBA at FDU as a student in Puerta al Futuro, a program developed to address the needs of Latin-American students. Coming from Colombia as a dentist, his passion for dental care and helping people with disabilities started […]

FDU Named Hispanic-Serving Institution

By Elizabeth White (TEANECK) – FDU was recently named a Hispanic serving institution. This accreditation is because of the programs in place that aim to improve Latino success. FDU’s Metro campus is 30.1 percent Hispanic, according to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment. FDU has a high […]