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EDITORIAL: FDU Falls Short on COVID-19 Updates

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief The last update from FDU regarding the coronavirus was June 12. Before that, updates appeared weekly — if not more frequently.  Why did updates suddenly stop?  The pandemic is an emergency situation and must be treated as one. Time and time again, we are […]

Journalism at Its Finest: The Equinox Summer Internship

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief The coronavirus pandemic made for an extremely unusual spring semester, especially for college newspapers. Switching from on-campus reporting to remote reporting seems like it shouldn’t be difficult, but it brings many challenges: Reaching out to students wasn’t as simple as face-to-face and getting meetings […]

2020 Election: Determining Direction of Nation

EDITORIAL Regardless of which side of the political aisle one finds themselves on, the 2020 presidential election is certainly a very consequential one as it pertains to the direction of the United States of America. The American voters have an important decision ahead of them in November. The […]

College Journalism: Your Voice

EDITORIAL In a world as divided as the one we live in now, it is more important than ever to ensure that news is being consumed from reputable sources. The term “Fake News” has been thrown around for almost four years by President Donald J. Trump, and many other […]