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EDITORIAL: To Return or Not to Return

By Amaya Morales Managing Editor This time last year, we were walking on campus to classrooms, the dining halls or using open spaces in the library or at the fitness center. Though national news had kept Americans informed of the early days of coronavirus, we weren’t too worried. […]

Hot Take: Should I Get the COVID-19 Vaccination?

By Amaya Morales Managing Editor Unsure about the COVID-19 vaccination? Hearing crazy things about what to expect? Worried about what could possibly go wrong? As with any vaccine or medication, you should know the facts before deciding whether you should go through with it. Being informed, regardless of […]

EDITORIAL: FDU Falls Short on COVID-19 Updates

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief The last update from FDU regarding the coronavirus was June 12. Before that, updates appeared weekly — if not more frequently.  Why did updates suddenly stop?  The pandemic is an emergency situation and must be treated as one. Time and time again, we are […]

Journalism at Its Finest: The Equinox Summer Internship

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief The coronavirus pandemic made for an extremely unusual spring semester, especially for college newspapers. Switching from on-campus reporting to remote reporting seems like it shouldn’t be difficult, but it brings many challenges: Reaching out to students wasn’t as simple as face-to-face and getting meetings […]