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EDITORIAL: FDU Falls Short on COVID-19 Updates

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief The last update from FDU regarding the coronavirus was June 12. Before that, updates appeared weekly — if not more frequently.  Why did updates suddenly stop?  The pandemic is an emergency situation and must be treated as one. Time and time again, we are […]

Journalism at Its Finest: The Equinox Summer Internship

By Elizabeth Scalzo Editor-in-Chief The coronavirus pandemic made for an extremely unusual spring semester, especially for college newspapers. Switching from on-campus reporting to remote reporting seems like it shouldn’t be difficult, but it brings many challenges: Reaching out to students wasn’t as simple as face-to-face and getting meetings […]

2020 Election: Determining Direction of Nation

EDITORIAL Regardless of which side of the political aisle one finds themselves on, the 2020 presidential election is certainly a very consequential one as it pertains to the direction of the United States of America. The American voters have an important decision ahead of them in November. The […]