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What’s Next for Green New Deal?

By Samantha Hart Lifestyle Editor Before getting into the Green New Deal, we have to dissect the Sunrise Movement and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The Sunrise Movement is a “collection of young, hard-charging activists who are pressuring Democrats nationwide to take bolder actions to address climate change after years of […]

Climate: A Major Crisis Issue

EDITORIAL As the climate crisis only worsens, the younger generation continues to get saddled with an unfortunate reality. The reality is that the climate crisis is only getting more catastrophic, and policies must be put in place in order to try and control the most existential crisis facing […]

Climate Change Has Far-Reaching Impact on Wetlands

By Sonal Tulsyani Staff Writer “It’s not just the rainforests that are affected by climate change, it’s also the wetlands,” Weinstein said. The focus of the Sept. 26 biology seminar was wetland ecology and ecological restoration. Dr. Marion McClary introduced the speaker Dr. Michael P. Weinstein, who specializes […]

Our Lawncare Is a Cosmetic Climate Poison

By Samantha Hart Lifesyle Editor We all know that feeling when April finally comes around; when the grass is finally covered in green instead of white snow or brown leaves. But that feeling is often followed by an eye roll as well:  The burden of lawn care is […]