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Electric Cars: New Jersey’s Next Big Step

By Kyle Huber Guest Writer In 2012, New Jersey registered 338 electric cars. Today, there are 23,000 and the state recently announced its goal of having at least 330,000 zero-emission-vehicles registered by 2025. This growth in ownership of electric vehicles may be driven by price. This summer, the […]

They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot

By Nicole Fuchs Guest Writer They definitely paved paradise at FDU Metro with nine parking lots for students, faculty and staff containing 2,528 parking spaces, according to Public Safety. In a survey conducted on this reporter’s Instagram account, with 45 students responding, only 35% indicated they were content […]

NJ Transit: A Pricey Option

By Jessica McMahon Guest Writer The majority of students at Fairleigh Dickinson University commute to classes traveling to and from campus, with hundreds if not thousands of solo drivers, daily filling acres of parking lots or arriving on campus via NJ Transit buses or trains. According to a […]

Carbon Cost of Commuting

By Admir Durakovic Editor-in-Chief What is the cost of carbon commuting? The Equinox — along with Professor Mo Krochmal’s fall semester news writing class, Stephen Sterling from, data from the FDU campus executive and the NJCNC (New Jersey College News Commons) — did the math. The Equinox […]

How Does Gourmet Dining Fare With Food?

By Kenneth Ramirez Castro Staff Writer and Sports Photographer There is something going on with the global climate crisis. It’s getting worse. The factors driving this crisis include pollution, waste, transportation, industrialization and even the food from Gourmet Dining catering here at FDU Metro. Most students who have […]