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Commuter Wheel

This is a visualization of the database with communities, number of students (>9) and the average distance traveled to get to the FDU Metropolitan Campus, from Egg Harbor Township to Bogota.


By Karen Ramirez Guest Writer Can motorcycles be a part of the solution to the climate change crisis? Two FDU motorbike commuters discuss their commuting journeys. Luis Quintero, an FDU senior, rides a Honda 250cc motorcycle. He said he appreciates his motorcycle and its gas saving. “During a […]

Bikers Overcome Weather

By Cindy (Binh) Nguyen Layout and Design Editor School can be extremely stressful. Switching from cars to bikes is one easy way commuters can fight the stress, especially when final exams are underway. At FDU, most commuters prefer cars over bikes. Since biking takes more time than driving, […]

Electric Scooters: Good or Bad

By Anthony Covino Sports Editor Electric scooters are an up-and-coming way of easy, fast transportation. Some big colleges, such as the University of Texas, have already brought in electric scooters to get across campus as quickly as possible. Could FDU students soon be e-scootering along our paths and […]

Is App-Driven Carpooling a Carbon Solution?

By Aishwarya Gandotra Guest Writer Carpooling first became prominent during the 1940s when Fairleigh Dickinson University was just a junior college in Rutherford. It was a war-time rationing tactic that reappeared in response to the 1973 oil crisis and the 1979 energy crisis, and then subsided as gas prices […]