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Eviction by Email: Another COVID-19 Catastrophe at FDU

By Sonal Tulsyani Staff Writer  After students were asked to not return to Fairleigh Dickinson University and to stay at home if they could, there were still some that remained. Fairleigh Dickinson University allowed athletes, international students and students who could not go home for any reason to […]

Dorms and Meal Plans: Refunds or Ripoffs?

By Elizabeth Scalzo News Editor When FDU announced refunds on room and board fees, many resident students were ecstatic to know they would be getting back some of their money.  However, now that refunds have shown up on student accounts the excitement has dwindled. Refunds have averaged around […]

FDU Tightens Belt in Wake of Coronavirus

By Samantha Hart Lifestyle Editor  FDU President Christopher Capuano announced Monday that he would be furloughing certain campus employees in order to save money for the university as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.  Universities across the country are concerned about the upcoming semester and how to limit […]

At 50, an Earth Day Like No Other

By Jhoana T. Merino-Martinez Staff Writer  Today, Earth Day turns 50. Instead of the traditional group outings for recycling or tours of gardens and conservatories, this year’s observances are expected to look vacant around the world — and on the FDU campus. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused drastic […]