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Alexander Rosen Transcript

00:59 this is alex hey it’s jen 01:03 how’s it going good it’s going okay um 01:06 sorry to hear that you’re stuck in 01:07 traffic i 01:08 am currently on zoom with my peer 01:09 elizabeth scalzo 01:11 um when we wanted you to talk with us […]

Ray Schroeder Interview Transcript

and let me give you uh um just a few 00:02 anecdotes from 00:04 you know i started teaching in 1971 and 00:07 you two weren’t very old in 71 were you 00:10 so but i i was at the urbana campus of 00:14 the university of illinois […]

PART 3: What Does the Future of Communication Look Like?

By Elizabeth Scalzo and Jen Malti Editor-in-Chief and Assistant Sports Editor The communications industry is hurtling forward, driven by the broad adoption of smartphone technology and connected through social media. The changes over the last 10 years have been dramatic globally, and at FDU. In February, the university […]

Bacharach Chases Opportunity and Soccer Gold

By John Mineses Staff Writer In his first year of soccer at FDU, Hugo Bacharach was voted first-team all-Northeast Conference and earned a spot on the NEC all-rookie team. He scored his first collegiate goal on March 1 to beat Sacred Heart 1-0 in extra time and then […]