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Samsung Feeling the Burn

By Dustin Niles (TEANECK) – “A United States government safety agency urged all consumers to stop using Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones, which are prone to catch fire,” according to Reuters after a series of incidents involving overheating cell phones. This includes one case involving a 6-year-old boy […]

North Korea is Nuclear Testing Again

By Nishi Naik (TEANECK) – It seems banning the internet, alcohol and blue jeans weren’t enough for North Korea to create chaos. On Sept. 9, North Korea also conducted its fifth underground nuclear test – the second one of the year – which raised high tensions and concerns […]

Continued Calls for Catalan Independence

By Gabriel Perez (TEANECK) – On Sept. 11, the National Day of Catalonia, about 540,000 people rallied in Barcelona for a referendum for Catalonia’s independence from Spain, according to the BBC. Catalonia is a region that in many ways feels very different to the rest of Spain.  They […]