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Veteran Revives Club After Two Years

By Armand Butera Entertainment Editor After sitting down with FDU student John Myles for a few minutes, it’s understood that he is the perfect match for heading the Veteran’s Club. After a few years of dormancy, the organization has gained new life with the new president, who just […]

Prof Pushes Political CORE Course

By Daniel Clarke Opinion Editor (TEANECK) – The November election results triggered responses from President Capuano and, later, Provost Vodde, soliciting the campus community to come together and tackle the challenges of mending our divided community. Two weeks later, FDU economics and finance Professor Dr. Adam Kessler asked […]

Trump & Hitler – Eerily Similar

By Elizabeth White News Editor President Donald Trump’s rise to power has many similarities to the rise of Adolf Hitler. Jewish leaders are warning Americans, saying that they recognize “all too well the horrors of individuals using hate as a political platform and deploying language, implicit and explicit, […]

Metro Campus in Need of Music Program

By Dustin Niles Layout & Design Editor In the University of Dayton Arena last spring, two NCAA playoff basketball teams clashed on the court: Fairleigh Dickinson University and Florida Gulf Coast University (“FGCU”). As the teams battled on the court, there was also a battle happening off the […]