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Super Bowl 51: Opportunity for Social Engagement?

By Mariuxi Mansfield Staff Writer The Super Bowl is the biggest sport event in the United States. It has an average of over 100 million viewers every year, according to Nielsen. Since no other time during the year do businesses obtain that extensive amount of viewership, it’s no wonder […]

March Madne$$

By Frank Pellino Guest Writer It was cold on April 4, 2016, and my friends and I were heading to a local Hooters with two things in mind. First, we wanted to eat some delicious chicken wings. Second, we wanted to see a great end to the NCAA […]

New University Video Promotes Diversity

By Sonal Tulsyani Staff Writer FDU’s newest video discusses just how life-changing college can be. For leaders and followers alike, it argues that this university is the place to make things happen, and this is the place to grow as a person. “This is a university that places […]

School Spirit Scarcity

By Melanie Perez Editor-in-Chief The scarcity of school spirit on the Metropolitan campus is really disconcerting. When you look at schools like UCONN, Rutgers and Penn State, they’re teeming with school spirit. Their events always have a high turnout and they’re nationally known for their pep. But I […]

Editor’s Desk: Opaque Administration

By Melanie Perez Editor-in-Chief Let’s talk about transparency. Everybody loves to throw that word around, tout it and claim it, but at the end of the day, it’s all about appearances. As long as it “seems” like you’re being transparent, then you’re in the clear, so it’s sometimes […]