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Procrastination Fascination

By Frank Pellino, Guest Writer Yea, that’s right. You read the title correctly! That is not a typo! And before you dismiss this article and move on to the rest of the op-eds, just hear me out first. After all, I did work really hard to write this article…on […]

Water Leakage in University Courts & Northpointe

Water leakage has caused visible water damage in some dorms on campus. University Court 6C has had ceiling tiles replaced repeatedly over the course of the semester, according to residents in the building, suffering the same problem of water soaking through the ceiling tile from above.  After the […]

Campus Movie Fest Kicks Off

By Daniel Mora, Staff Writer What is Campus Movie Festival (CMF)? To all those who are new to campus or have been living under a rock, CMF is one of the world’s largest film festivals made up entirely of students. “We give [the students] the resources to do it, […]

Getting into Law School

By Leandra Cilindrello, Guest Writer As a student at FDU, law school feels like a far off, seemingly unattainable dream. But with the right mentors and enough self discipline, it’s a definite possibility. This is a Law School Prep Checklist, coming from a student who will be attending law […]

Women’s Bowling Victorious in NEC

By Leandra Cilindrello & Frank Pellino, Guest Writers They did it again! For the second time in three seasons, the FDU Women’s Bowling Team is champion of the Northeast Conference, after dominating the conference championship on March 26 in Howell, N.J. “Fairleigh Dickinson won game seven 199-169 to claim […]