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From the Desk of David Miles

Director of Public Safety David Miles Recently, the University has had to send out emergency notifications due to weather emergencies and either the campus being closed or having a delayed opening. We are very fortunate that we have only had to use the emergency notification system for weather […]

A Man of Many Talents

By Armand Butera Entertainment Editor James Rana, adjunct professor, sits center stage of the Russell Ratsch Theatre on an old wooden chair, with the heat from the tea he’s holding to his right sneakily climbing up his hand. Wearing mint colored slacks and a plaid button down with […]

Lion at the Gate

By Rashaun Graves Guest Writer The next time you walk past the security desk in the lobby of the Giovatto Library – don’t. You’ll miss Robert Makey. And he might just brighten your day. U n d e r n e a t h that shock of white […]

Letter to the Editor – Tyler Williams

Tyler Williams, Junior Dear Editor, When it comes to the school spirit article in the last issue [of The Equinox], even though it caught a lot of attention and it raised some eyebrows, the article is not far from the truth. I believe that The Equinox has reported […]

Letter to the Editor – Robert Valenti

Robert Valenti, Associate Vice President of Auxillary Services Dear Editor, Thank you for your pleasant response to my concerns. Perhaps in a future article you can talk about the Fairleigh1Card and how it enhances the student experience at FDU both on and off campus for resident students as […]