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After Trumpcare Loss, Trump Tackles Budget

By Dustin Niles, Layout & Design Editor In the waning hours of March 24, President Donald Trump issued an ultimatum to House Republicans resisting the healthcare bill that Trump’s administration was trying to push to the House that day: This is the one and only opportunity to get rid […]

Beauty and the Beast Better Than The Original

By Diana Rosario, Staff Writer “Beauty and the Beast” is a film that originated in 1991 by director Gary Trousdale and Kirk Wise. Today, that film has been reintroduced to theaters all over the world by director Bill Condon to remind the audience of the loving, animated musical. “Beauty […]

Newspapers Stolen, Ippolito Comes Forward

Kiosks Empty on Admitted Students Day, Director of University Admissions Confesses in Email By Elizabeth White, News Editor Three hundred dollars-worth of the March 30 edition of The Equinox went missing before Admitted Students Day on Sunday, April 2.  Four days later, Director of Admissions Drew Ippolito emailed a […]

40 Year-Old Music Series Touches FDU

By Emily Weikl, Staff Writer There was silence as the strings of the cello were first drawn upon in the basement of the Teaneck Public Library on April 2 at 3 p.m. The room was almost full with about 50 senior citizens, who listened with careful attention as the […]

Trump’s Twitter Taboos

By Elizabeth White, News Editor Donald Trump using Twitter as a way to express the thoughts that pop into his head is a dangerous new situation for the United States. The problem with Trump and his Twitter presence is that he doesn’t appear to think before he tweets, and […]