In Remembrance: 22 Years After 9/11

By Timothy Zubov and Kayra Ramirez

Editor-in-Chief and Advertising Manager

The beautiful skies of September bear the weight of the memories they hold. Over two decades have passed, but the echoes of Sept. 11, 2001, remain as poignant as ever. It’s a day that forever altered the fabric of our nation, drawing tears from our eyes and resilience from our hearts.

Today, as the sun rose in the east, Fairleigh Dickinson University added a chapter to this collective act of remembrance. A 9/11 Memorial Service was scheduled to take place in front of the Student Union Building at noon but was moved to the multipurpose room due to inclement weather conditions.

September 11th is not just a day of sorrow but also one of resilience. As we remember the lives lost, we also honor the spirit of unity and bravery that arose from the ashes. Amidst the heartbreak emerged tales of heroes, stories of kindness, and a nation’s commitment to stand undeterred.

Time may move us forward, but the echo of that day remains. It serves as a gentle reminder of the fragile nature of life, the strength that lies within, and the bond of humanity that can never be shattered. Today, we pause, reflect, and honor every soul touched by that day. In our collective memory, they will forever remain, shining like stars in the vast expanse of history.

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Illustration by Kayra Ramirez