Introducing the ‘Edot’ Equinox

Welcome to the Edot Equinox!

Today, The Equinox, the Metro campus student newspaper, sets out on a new path in an exciting era of change in communications.

A part of FDU student life since the 1970s, The Equinox serves as a student-run news organization supported by the university, with an independent voice covering our community. Students staff the paper, make decisions, and apply journalistic ethics and rigor in their work.

And, when student-journalists graduate, they leave with a fantastic group experience and skills that are critical and relevant in today’s world.

Today’s students have endured the rigors of the past three years. Today’s students have survived social upheaval, distance learning and isolation.

Meantime, technology is changing the world at an ever-increasing pace. We study and work anywhere we can plug into the net. We can’t imagine life without a mobile device in our purses, backpacks or hands. We talk to Siri or Alexa, and we chat with computers and trust the answers.

Social media is a global utility for person-to-person communication. Anyone with a connection to the net can share.

Today’s order of business for communicators is digital first. We see that happening here, too.

We publish on the website, our social media channels and print. The Equinox boxes across the campus will still be used. Staff will still get to experience the anxiety of a print deadline and the joy of seeing one’s name above an article. And, 20 years later, as a clip in a folder in a cardboard box in the back of the closet.

Today’s student-journalist is not defined by the channel they use to share their stories. They learn to tell stories in many ways. This requires discipline and commitment.

What doesn’t change is the absolute dedication to truth, ethics and accuracy.

The Equinox takes its journalism service seriously. It exists to report news and ask questions of authority, be the rough draft of history, afflict the comfortable and comfort the afflicted, and seek to provide accurate information of value to the reader. All done to the highest levels of integrity and ethics.

And, it is fun. College publications give students valuable skills and experience, but when you have survived a deadline, gotten a great interview and told an important story with a team, only then can you understand the lifetime bonds you create.

The Equinox will continue to print, but if you want to know right now, subscribe to our site and our YouTube channel, follow us on LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and more to come.

This week, we plan to debut a new podcast on Thursday, when the newsroom will be open during the Major Madness event in the SUB. Stop by and tell your stories about our Knights and the historic run in March Madness.

As we make this start, opportunities are available for you to contribute. Stop by and talk from noon to 2 p.m. Thursday in the newsroom in the SUB. We have technical roles, writing roles, art/design and photography as well as emerging media for storytelling.

See you there.

Professor Mo Krochmal
Advisor, The Equinox