Painting Pumpkins For Breast Cancer Awareness

By Gabriella Silva 

Entertainment Editor 

As October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, The Office of Student Life celebrated the month-long observation by hosting an enlightening and lively event at the Student Union Building for FDU students to come together and learn about the complex disease. 

The event started with a thorough PowerPoint presentation about breast cancer, covering a range of information from its myths and risks, to a dedicated slide on the disease in males. After the presentation, the October festivities fully kicked in as students began to paint on miniature pumpkins and tote bags, designing them with breast cancer-inspired artwork. 

With the addition of music and refreshments, students engaged with one another for the entire event, and was a successful way in getting people to be more active on campus.  

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The FDU community comes together to learn and show support for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Photo by Gabriella Silva