Meet the Diverse Community of FDU Greek Life

By Gabriella Silva

FDU hosted its Greek Fair near the Metropolitan Campus Library, where multiple sororities and fraternities representatives showcased their organizations to potential new members. 

The Greek community consists of unique organizations, all with unique purposes. Four sororities and fraternities shared their objectives with The Equinox: Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc., Alpha Sigma Tau  Sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sorority and Sigma Pi Fraternity. 

Up first is Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc., known as the Omnificent Omicron Chapter for Fairleigh Dickinson. An international sorority founded at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ in 1988, Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Inc.’s mission focuses on empowering women of different backgrounds and cultures. 

“Our main purpose is to bring women together and to better the community,” said Melanie Aguiar, senior forensics psychology student and dean of recruitment for Omnificent Omicron. “We currently have three active undergraduate members, and anyone can join.”

With a history of members in the student council and as resident assistants, it’s evident Omega Phi Chi Multicultural Sorority Inc. values academic excellence and campus involvement. 

Outside of FDU, Omnificent Omicron participates in many community service activities, such as its bi-annual Lunch Bag Project in Newark, where members hand out food to the homeless and others who need it.  

Next is Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, or the Epsilon Theta Chapter. 

 Made up of 11 women heavenly involved, Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority highlights five core values: graciousness, respect, intellect, connections and excellence. 

A notable quality of Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority is its philanthropic work, which involves the Women’s Wellness Initiative and its two branches, Girls Who Code and Dress For Success And the Lupus Foundation of America. 

“With Girls Who Code, younger women interested in coding and computer sciences can understand that there are opportunities for women to get jobs,” said Bianca Brattoli, junior chemistry student and Vice President of Operations for Epsilon Theta Chapter. “We do donations and business clothing drives for Dress For Success, which helps women from poverty-driven communities get into good jobs and bigger industries.”

The Lupus Foundation of America is especially personal to Alpha Sigma Tau Sorority, as it’s had members in the past who’ve fought against the disease.

“We’re an organization that’s willing to help out anyone. We had a sister who lost her mom due to colon cancer, so we like to give back to the community and support anyone we can,” said Brattoli. 

The third organization and last sorority is Alpha Epsilon Phi, known as the Phi Xi Chapter for Fairleigh Dickinson. Founded by seven Jewish women in Barnard College in New York, NY, 1909, Alpha Epsilon Phi highly follows and respects Jewish customs. 

Nevertheless, members do not have to be Jewish to join, and anyone is eligible. 

“Our mascot is a giraffe. They stand above all and their different spots represent how all of our sisters are unique,” said Alyssa Perez, senior nursing student and vice president of operations for the Phi Xi Chapter. 

Like the previous sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi also holds events for two philanthropies: Sharsheret and Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric Aids Foundations (EGPAF). 

“We hold pie fights every semester and all the proceeds go directly to Sharsheret, which is for breast cancer awareness,” said Perez. “ Elizabeth was one of the founders and she passed away from AIDS, so we continue to honor her.” 

The final organization is Sigma Pi Fraternity, known as Epsilon-Xi Chapter for Fairleigh Dickinson. Founded in Vincennes University in Vincennes, Indiana, in 1897, it’s currently the largest social fraternity in New Jersey, with four active members at  FDU, but 5,000 active undergraduate members as a whole. 

Open to all races and religions, Sigma Pi Fraternity’s main mission is to strive for excellence and push its members to be better people every day.

With FDU, Epsilon-Xi Chapter is involved in three philanthropies: Junior Diabetes, Amazing Day Foundation and Donate Life.

“We do different fundraisers among other Sigma Pi Fraternities in New Jersey,” said Eduardo Pardo, senior biology student and president of Epsilon-Xi Chapter. 

Aside from philanthropic work, Epsilon-Xi Chapter has its own unique campus event: The ACE Project, or Altruistic Campus Experience. 

“It’s a whole week of the semester where we give back to the community, the staff and students and say ‘thank you’ for having us here. It’s to show our appreciation to everyone,” said Pardo.

These four organizations, among many others, represent FDU in its best qualities, such as diversity and community. No matter the religion, race, or gender, students can find the organization that best suits them and become a brother or sister for life.

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The Greek Fair showcases the many attributes of their organization.

Art by Gabriella Silva