Public Safety Targeting Catalytic-Converters Theft

Kayoneil Wilson


A rise in catalytic-converter theft has Public Safety concerned and urging students and staff to be aware, according to an email sent out to the university on Wednesday, Sept. 21. 

Regarding the rise of thefts of catalytic converters, a device located in the exhaust system of motor vehicles helps convert pollutant gasses into less dangerous gasses. 

A surge in stolen catalytic converters has become an issue over the past few weeks in New Jersey. Thieves sell catalytic converters on the black market for the valuable metals they contain. Just a week ago, thieves stole nine catalytic-converters from parked school buses in Moorestown.

Public Safety urges our community to be on the lookout.

A list of cautionary tips to look for when in any of the campus parking lots was included: 

  • Any vehicle cruising or individuals walking in a parking lot and looking at vehicles
  • Sound of any cutting tool on metal
  • Any individual using a jack to lift a vehicle
  • Any individual climbing under a vehicle. This is something to also be especially aware of anywhere you park your vehicle, especially overnight.

Please call Public Safety immediately if you witness an event in the parking lot.

 If at any time you have any questions or concerns regarding Public Safety, please do not hesitate to contact the Director of Public Safety David Miles at (201) 692-2227 or Please follow us on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube. Write to us at

Stolen Catalytic-Converters are attractive to thieves.

Photo via BASF SE