Equi-Banquet Returns In-Person!

By John Mineses

News Editor

After a two-year hold, The Equinox “annual” banquet returned to celebrate its successful 2021-22 school year and to welcome the next editorial team. The special event took place in our very own Equinox newsroom, located in the basement of the student union building.

The Equinox celebrated with speeches and staff awards:

Sheldon Gomes, Rookie of the Year: Dulce Martinez, All Day Everyday award; Auror Rifkind, Best Liar Award; Mahamdou Sumareh, Wake-Up Call Award; Kenneth Ramirez Castro, Perfect Shot Award; Angelina Rosado, “W.H.Y.B.T.W.T” award; Jen Malti, Most Valuable Player award; Amaya Morales, Person of the Year; Elle Scalzo, Time for Retirement award; Kayoneil Wilson, Right Hand Woman award; John Mineses, Equi-Award.

Next year’s editorial board was announced: Gomes was named Sports Editor, Rifkind was named News Editor, Wilson was named managing editor and student lifestyle editor, and myself will be the Editor-in-Chief and opinion editor; Gabriella Silva our named entertainment editor was not able to attend.  For fun, senior-class roasts and a hilarious round of “Two Truths and a Lie” kept everyone in stitches.

Most staff members were present, with special invited guests, who included Dr. Janet Boyd, Associate Dean, Becton College; Lou Smeriglio of DLS Printing Co., which publishes The Equinox newspaper; business advisor and advertising sharp-shooter Barbara Riehl; and volunteer journalism advisor Nancy Ayala. A few staff “plus-ones” included a supportive mom and, shall we say, very special friends.

The banquet this year was potluck style from staff so everyone enjoyed multitudes of foods such as two types of homemade lasagna, taco dip, roasted chicken and sides from Boston Market, and loads of desserts: cookies, pretzel challettes, hamantaschen, an array of cheese cakes and German chocolate/red velvet/carrot/dark chocolate combination cake..

To everyone’s surprise, Academic Advisor Mo Krochmal dropped to a knee and asked longtime partner Ms. Ayala for her hand in marriage. She accepted! 

The Equinox looks forward to the future and many more celebrations to come in 2022-2023. 

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The Equinox looks forward to the future and many more celebrations to come in 2022-2023. 

Photo by The Equinox