Asking for a Friend: Class of 2022 Signing Out

By Dulce Martinez

Staff Writer and Social Media Manager

The graduating class of 2022 excitedly waits for commencement as they finish this pivotal chapter and transition into a new world full of opportunities.

As the spring semester slowly comes to an end, I decided to dedicate this “season finale” of ‘Asking for a Friend’ to the graduating seniors. Even though I am only halfway finished with my college experience, I still believe it is best to honor these remarkable students for their hard work and resilience throughout their time in FDU.

The senior class unanimously expressed their overall excitement to graduate on a poll via The Equinox’s Instagram account. After all, who wouldn’t be excited for such a highly anticipated moment?

COVID-19 impacted the class of 2022 during the middle of sophomore year, leaving fellow students in a state of uncertainty over what the future had in store for them. Would the in-person classes ever resume? Would they have the same fate as the previous two graduating classes? 

Luckily, these anxieties would gradually wear off as everyone  began to move forward and attempt to re-enter a sense of “normalcy.” Slowly but surely, FDU returned to in-person classes, events and other campus operations last fall. Even with the previous precautionary measures in place, FDU continued  to provide the class of 2022 with a full senior year after a period of fear and uncertainty.

Enviasia Mitchell shared her favorite college memory of earning the Campus Service Grant, an award that recognizes students for their involvement in extracurriculars pertaining to exemplary leadership and service. 

A common theme among the seniors was their plan to either work, attend graduate school, or both after graduating from FDU.

Departing The Equinox Managing Editor Amaya Morales’ said her favorite memory was joining Greek Life and becoming more involved on campus. Morales also quoted her proud accomplishment of earning her honors cords for Communication.

While these are just a few perspectives from the entire senior class, everyone can agree that college life created various memories that will last an entire lifetime. 

Many of the graduating seniors have been a part of The Equinox for years.

A group of upperclassmen that truly demonstrated leadership and perseverance in managing a student-run newspaper organization during times of uncertainty? How could I possibly imagine finishing this piece without doing a written “send-off” for you all?

While I have only been a member of The Equinox for two semesters, my overall experience so far leads me to say this: I have never seen a group of young people so passionate in doing what they love––until I joined The Equinox.

Given the circumstances of college life slowly returning to a sense of normalcy as the world moves on from the COVID-19 pandemic, there was especially a lot on your plates. You had to run a student newspaper. You had to act as the bridge of communication for the FDU community. You had to keep everybody informed. You had to create stories that would engage with our audience.

Guess what? You did all of that. Even with classes, internships, jobs, and other stress-inducing activities, each of you chose to push through. COVID-19 became the biggest obstacle for each of you during your time in The Equinox, yet you did not allow the pandemic to end your passion in student journalism. Now that’s something truly remarkable. Nobody forced each of you to dedicate time and effort, yet you still did. Whenever there’s such a strong passion for something, absolutely nothing will stop you from pursuing that passion. 

As the only upperclassmen in The Equinox, you especially held the important task of preparing the newspaper’s next group of people in editorial positions: more specifically, the class of 2024. 

You acted as the teachers that introduced us to a new and seemingly “scary” environment. Once our initial fear wore off, you acted as the mentors that provided valuable pieces of advice to help our writing as student journalists become stronger. Most importantly, you acted as the older siblings for our little Equinox family. We were serious when needed, and we also had our fun times.

On behalf of everyone in The Equinox, here’s a huge thank you to Elle, Amaya, Jen, Nancy, Angelina, and Naniyah. No words can truly describe our gratitude towards your contribution to The Equinox.

We are confident that each of you will all do great in your respective paths. While the newsroom will no longer be the same without you, we will be cheering for you all from the sidelines. Go on and conquer the world!

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This season-finale edition of ‘Asking for a Friend’ is dedicated to the graduating class of 2022.

Art by Dulce Martinez