FDU Greeks Welcome Back Order of Omega Honor Society

Fairleigh Dickinson has honored their Greek students by reinstating the Omicron Omega Chapter of the Order of Omega Honor Society this past March.

After a few years since its last ceremony, the Order of Omega Honor Society has returned to the Metro campus to recognize FDU’s Greeks and celebrate their outstanding leadership in fraternity and sorority activities. The Chapter focuses on encouraging, inspiring and uniting members to create an organization that highlights the foundation and leadership roles of Greek life students as a whole. 

The Order of Omega Chapter’s very own member and Graduate Assistant of Greek Life, Ta’Nynee Washington, looked forward to the chapter’s resurgence to the Greek and FDU communities.

 “It feels great to have the chapter reinstated back to the FDU community! It made our Greeks wake up and let them know to get back on their grind as leaders in our FDU community, not just in Greek life,” said Washington via text message.

With 10 new inductees to the Omicron Omega Chapter, Washington hopes the chapter continues to flourish and thrive as it demonstrates the highest level of academics and leadership within the Greek community. 

“The Order of Omega Honor Society is important because it gives our Greek family something to look forward to after getting their letters. The chapter lets our Greeks know that we see them and all of their excellence,” says Washington. 

The Omicron Omega Chapter will continue to encourage FDU’s Greek members to aim for excellence as its resurgence creates a stronger appreciation for the values and integrity of the Greek and FDU communities. 

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Newest initiates from left to right: Paola Arenas, Jenna Bonomi, Adrianna Deremer, Amaya Morales, Nadesh Barrett, Aurora Rifkind, Elizabeth Scalzo, Krystle Henriques and Lisa-Monet Jefferson.

Photo from FDU Greek Life on Instagram.