SGA Week: Trivia Night

By Mahamadou Sumareh

Staff Writer

FDU’s Student Government Association kicked off their bi-annual SGA week as an effort to reach out to the FDU community through connection and friendly competition.

To start off the week, the organization hosted a Trivia Night in the Multipurpose Room of the SUB on Monday, April 4. Participants joined a Kahoot session which contained questions about SGA, such as the office location and fun facts about some of the core members.

“The point of the events is to unite the campus through these activities and events, giving students and organizations a place to interact and participate in friendly competitions,” said President of SGA Ruth Omoyinmi, a senior majoring in International Business Management.

These goals shine in this event in addition to individual students organizations such as Barkada that also participated in the friendly competition. 

Marcus Hamilton, a freshman on campus majoring in Literature, described the night as a “great feeling, and a fun environment.”

“It was a good turnout. While we expected more organization with their representatives, we have no complaints,” said Omoyinmi as she closed off the event with high spirits. Be sure to follow SGA on Instagram to see what other events they will be hosting. You can also leave feedback on their Google form.

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SGA week is off to a fun start with Trivia Night.

Art by Kayoneil Wilson