SGA Week: Tie-Dye Night

By Mahamadou Sumareh

Staff Writer

Keeping their string of events alive, the SGA held a Tie-Dye event in the Multipurpose Room of the SUB. Students and SGA members sat and bonded over creating colorful designs on as many t-shirts as they wanted.

The atmosphere of the event was warm and welcoming, and participants were able to chat and vibe while making their own pieces.

“[It’s a] bond with other FDU students, as our school is small so it makes it easier for us to come together,” says Eduardo Pardo, a sophomore Biology major. “It’s a nice destressor after midterms and upcoming finals.”

“We serve to give the student body a voice, and we are like the middleman between the students and the Board, but it’s nice to have events like these where we can all destress and gather together, and the turnout was great”, says senior Christa Waterman, the Athletics Affairs Senator, who also majors in Biology.

This event is also a preparation for the organization of Friday’s events. The students will wear their tie-dye shirts to attend and compete in an Olympic-style event, which everyone at the event is looking forward to.

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This SGA event allowed students to participate in some fun tye-dye shirt making.

Art by Kayoneil Wilson