Big Time Rush Emerges from the Shadows

By Aurora Rifkind

Asst. Student Lifestyle Editor

Few things are more exciting than hearing that your favorite boy band has reunited, such as Big Time Rush.

Coming into fame from their TV show on Nickelodeon by the same name, Big Time Rush made their way into teen girls’ hearts during 2009 and onward. The band was from Hollywood and was made up of four members, Kendall, James, Logan, and Carlos. Running from Nov. 28th, 2009 to July 25th, 2013 with four seasons and a movie, the show was a total hit, gaining millions of views each week after its premiere gained around 6.8 million views. The show and the band were nominated for several awards over the years and even won a couple of Young Artist Awards.

Even though the show was a fictitious story about a boy band’s success and wild antics, the group did have real-world success with the music they made through the show. They slowly developed into an official boy band with the release of their debut album BTR in 2010, followed by several tours. Through their show, music, and tours, the boy band gained worldwide success.

After the band’s Nickelodeon show ended in 2013, the group went M.I.A. for eight years. Many have looked back fondly at this show because it is nostalgic. Netflix even added all four seasons to their service, allowing users to rewatch the show from start to finish.

The band released their single “Call It Like I See It” on Dec. 13, 2021, which was received positively, gaining 3.8 million listens on Spotify within two months of it being out. Fans are ecstatic to see their favorite childhood boy band back in action.

Along with their debut song back, they are going on tour, starting June 23 and ending August 20. The group also released another song called “Not Giving You Up” on Friday, Feb. 25.

Like many people, this was one of my favorite shows growing up. Even years after the show ended, people would still sing the opening theme or play the music from time to time. Personally, after watching scary movies, my friends and I put on a “Big Time Rush” episode to decompress. 

Their comeback single is only the beginning with the announcement of their tour and more music to come, Big Time Rush’s return is looking bright.

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Big Time Rush has announced a summer tour that starts June 23 and ends August 20.

Art by Aurora Rifkind, photo from BTR website