KNIGHTLIFE: Complete Burnout

By Aurora Rifkind

Assistant Student Lifestyle Editor

Burnout, a word many college students know and have become well-acquainted with. 

Everyone feels the absolute exhaustion or depletion of motivation at least once in their lives. Recently, it feels like the occasional burnout has become ever-present, constant unending exhaustion. Everyone says how exhausted we are, but why is that?

We have all been thrown into disarray since the year 2020, because of the struggle that fateful year brought. It has been two years of dealing with constant stress, turmoil, and ever-changing circumstances. The truth is the pandemic has been traumatic and drained everyone’s energy. 

Many students have gotten used to online classes. The adjustment back to in-person has been a challenge and some find themselves unable to keep up.

“Taking a nap doesn’t even help because I stress more about not being productive enough with my classes and other responsibilities,” said Guianella Noriega, a sophomore forensic psychology major, when asked why she felt so tired all the time. 

No time to rest, too many assignments and too many expectations with no help or any care whatsoever. A sentiment familiar to many students on campus. 

There is another major issue that leads to this extreme exhaustion, breaks.

“The breaks do not help because professors assign work during them. One week does not feel enough with the amount of stress we go through,” said Iheoma Nwogu, a sophomore biology major.

Even though spring break is here and college students are finally able to have a well-deserved break, some professors assign work over the break or make assignments due right after. It feels like a never-ending cycle.

Figuring out why we are so tired is not that hard once you think about what is going on in the present and what the whole world has dealt with for the past two years. How to deal with extreme burnout is another question. It feels impossible to catch a break or reduce stressors. 

College is not supposed to be easy, but it also shouldn’t cause the majority of students extreme mental and physical exhaustion. 

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Students are feeling burnt out with just half a semester under their belt.

Photo by Oleskii Boiko for Canva