Black History Month: Nubian Ladies

By Amaya Morales

Managing Editor

Founded in 1990, Nubian Ladies offers Black women on campus a space to be supported, enlightened and praised. 

The Equinox spoke to Jodiann Mitchell and Jana White of Nubian Ladies to discuss what Black History Month means to them.

“Black History Month to Nubian Ladies is the month of acknowledgment and gratitude of blackness. February, a month of black achievements and awareness to who we truly are, what we can do, what we have done and what we as black individuals will continue to pursue, change and create,” said Mitchell, President of Nubian Ladies, via Instagram DM. “As a Black organization founded, ran and adored by women of color, February is the month we’re alongside our community, we can recognize the foundations and roots of what Nubian Ladies stand for.”

Nubian Ladies does not only celebrate Black history during February but every day of the year. To commemorate this month, however, the organization is bringing awareness to the beauty that blackness has cultivated.

“Rather than focusing on the trauma that comes with being black, we are shifting our spotlight to the accomplishments and unity that African Americans have gifted us with throughout our history,” said White, vice president of Nubian Ladies, via Instagram DM.

Mitchell and White also discussed FDU’s support for its Black students.

“Following the Black Lives Matter Movement, FDU showed undivided support for its Black students and the diversity on campus as well as the equity provided to minorities is unmatched. While it may not always be understood, our voices and our stories are always amplified in light of our experiences,” said Mitchell. “Our programs are always encouraged and applauded and as an incredibly outspoken organization, our voices are never hushed.”

Nubian Ladies continues to unite the Black community and strive for change on campus and in the local community by hosting events that empower and bring together students of color.

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Nubian Ladies brings awareness to the beauty that Black people have cultivated throughout times.

Art by Amaya Morales